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  1. ...

    there are some strange kids at this school

  2. nice!  

    some serious naked babes in that magazine!!

  3. but...  

    why do they have some pro photographer taking pictures? shouldn't the photos be by columbia students, not just of them?

  4. mr. grant  

    is quite amazing!

  5. $$$

    Who pays for this

  6. ABC does  

    ABC is loaded so they get more than most groups

  7. All were beautiful  

    no offense to the girls (queer here), but the guys SMOKED them. Especially that second one. Damn.

  8. hmm  

    speed dating! great idea

  9. Seems to me

    This is how people beg for a cable news mention.

  10. loved  

    the sex chronicles. and beautiful black girl. god she's hot

  11. ugh  

    i need a new pair of jeans now.

  12. in my pants  

    last week i saw a film, as i recall it was a horror film...

  13. and when you...  

    hold my hand it's like having sex to me.

  14. one more thing  

    i'm gonna pay by check

  15. Silly Rabbit  

    Goddamn how many daddy issues can you fit into one basket?

    You're freaky in the bedroom? Super. You like to try weird things out? Add me on Facebook- we'll poke each other....but this
    "Look at me, society! How I challenge you!" is basically just ego masturbation...the least fun kind.

  16. dsf  

    y there no vag or pen15?

  17. senior  

    The condom article is terrible. It's like that freshman is so wrapped up in the myth that what unites Columbia students is that we complain all the time that he attempts to replicate it without getting his facts straight. It's just plain illogical that one's distaste for John Jay food should extend to condoms provided by the university or by the city.

    Spend a few more years developing some perspective, and you'll realize the value of social services and public health, especially to people for whom $1 per condom is actually beyond the "affordable" range. A bit of research tells anyone that NYC condoms are made by Lifestyles--and personal preferences aside, that's a totally legitimate brand ( - rated in the top 7 by Consumer Reports, which the author somehow seems to have missed).

    I know it's unlikely that more than 20 people actually read the article, but it really bothers me that this kind of misinformation is spread so regularly! Couldn't the C-Spot make a tiny effort to fact check its articles before publishing them?

  18. C-Spot  

    is a farce. I thought they might have something interesting to say. One article was essentially a sex-story, no better than any you would find on a porn website, and another was typical "Oh society, look at me defy gender norms by being a slut". Get real

  19. The articles  

    are really short. It almost seems like they are unfinished. I know it's only the second issue, but I think maybe a little more effort could be put into the writing.

  20. the photography  

    is really beautiful as are all the models. well done

  21. Jeffrey Northrop  

    put me in your magazine!!! Have you seen my abs?!?!

  22. wait  

    who the hell does this magazine? is this just a random group of people?

    they did a pretty good job for not being an "official" group, I guess

  23. guy on the...

    back of the magazine is SMOKIN!!

  24. where  

    can i get a copy? i didn't find any in broadway.

  25. I hope  

    more schools come up w/ erotic mags.

    Princeton can be the P-nis. So can Penn. Vagina Polytechnic's magazine names itself

  26. religious nutjub  

    This is what the bwog has turned into....linking to porn...shame on you people. Also, some people here are under are providing an illegal service to students....shame on you again.

    • u must b a virgin  

      if this were porn then the world demand for porn would decrease by 90%. the photos don't even show any genitalia. in order for one to assess whether or not something is porn, one has to have seen porn before or read the dictionary definition of what "porn" is. try doing either. or get laid.

      oh and, this is not illegal, or else it wouldn't have been published.

  27. MISS LAURA W.  

    ...makes my dreams come true. Especially when hanging upside down from an original dock line from the Titanic.

  28. yeah.....

    that's because he's a professional model.....probably the only one in the whole issue, but the other ones do great justice!!

  29. the photography

    is awesome. the writing is ok; i agree the condom article was a little off-base, but the rest were interesting

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