PrezBo Follows No One

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While the site was broken for much of yesterday (Bwoga maxima culpa!), many of you had emailed a link to Lee C. Bollinger’s Twitter page. 

Now, you can follow the minute-by-minute goings on of “President Bollinger” with this Twitter thing. Just yesterday he asked if “ne1” wanted to go to HamDel with him. We bet you would have wanted to, hm? Never miss another PrezBo epiphany or outing again. 

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  1. hahaha

    funny! creative! ha! ha ha! ha ha ha! ha!


  2. this cannot

    be real. this is hilariousss.

  3. POLS  

    "writing Columbia-wide email today. Is it "further" or "farther"?"

    i'm guessing whomever is doing this has taken freedom of speech and press, because he used to pick out students for making that mistake. this is good stuff.

  4. Alum08

    "Just found out my reversible cashmere sweater isnt reversible. awkward!"


  5. this is

    amazing. i can't imagine how it could be real, but i will destroy anyone who shatters the myth.

  6. EAL

    Foner coming to dinner (!) Googling reconstruction jokes.


  7. Anonymous  

    Wow, this is really, really funny.

  8. It can't be...

    This is completely unbelievable. The real Lee Bollinger would never, even when half-awake, utter a sentence that wasn't grammatically complete. He would never be caught dead with so much as a non-standard abbreviation.

  9. Trying Again

    Bwog, why did you delete my comment when all I said was "this is really effing funny. Thank you secret twitterer!"?

    Is it because I'm off campus? Don't be a scrooge.

  10. This is...

    Hilarious! I wish it were real though. The Foner jokes are great.

  11. Anonymous

    it's not real, but it's hilarious...mad props to whomever came up with it.

  12. haha

    this is a fucking gem... may god bless the wonderful creature who created this -- prezbo, I dearly want this to be the real you

  13. Who's

    Gonna sign up to be Quigley and D.Spar?

  14. do we

    or do we not go to columbia?
    obviously it's not real. come on now people. finals can't have drained your brain THAT much.

  15. still awesome

    who cares if it's real? We still send cards with Santa on them, don't we? Just enjoy. It's all gold. GOLD, I say!

  16. anti-rjt

    fuck you, rob trump.

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