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A few tipsters have informed us that CourseWorks is now host to Columbia’s annual nondenominational seasons greeting slideshow! O, happy day. Let’s check out this year’s offering, hm? 


A few rather dreary pictures of a snowy Central Park (see above) and then a non-exclamation-marked wish of “happy holidays.” Well, Bwog certainly prefers last year’s fancy alumni-only video animation thing, in which a student drew a lion that came to life and spread joy or somesuch.

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  1. also

    it's on SSOL, as well.

  2. Deflated GPA

    Is that SSOL's attempt to make me feel less bitter about unwarranted bad grades?

  3. where are

    any of my grades...? duke requires grades to be put up within 24 hrs after finals period...

  4. um...

    this slideshow has been up since finals week since I watched it while I was procrastinating. WTF bwog

  5. ...

    i've seen this thing for at least a week as i've obsessively checked courseworks and ssol for signs of grades. every single time i check, my head just about explodes when i see the glaring typo!

    "Season Greetings"

    i'm blown away that the bwog would cover the e-card and not point out the typo. how un-columbia!!

  6. ...

    i feel like there's something in that flash animation that, if you find it, will let you change grades.

  7. frustrated


    • fa la la

      dear frustrated: don't the emails also say that the grades will be up for viewing withing 24 hours, not immediately?

      dear butttttt: what the handbook doesn't say is that it doesn't matter. one of my professors once told my class that grade deadlines are meaningless for tenured prof. The only thing the school can do is send him annoying reminder e-mails. In fact, I believe Jeremy Waldron left columbia without submitting grades for the last class he taught. oops.

      also, you all need to quit whining. nearly all (if not all) grades are out before you get from break. law students don't get back grades for between 5-7 weeks after exams end.

  8. confused

    where the f are my grades?? is anyone else still waiting? is there some explanation?

  9. except

    i know some other good schools that actually do get all their grades within 24 hours...but yea this past spring i didnt get one grade until literally a month into summer...

    lets hurry up with the grading so i can at least see the coal on christmas lol

  10. where's my e-mail?

    Some of my grades are posted but I didn't get an email. Also, I can't get into Cubmail in Firefox. Bastards!

  11. In reply to everyone

    Merry Christmas!

  12. curious

    i wonder how big barack obama's dick is?

  13. dude

    he's a black guy. you know what that means!

  14. finding

    out my chemistry grade has ruined my Christmas.

  15. question:

    do they post grades on christmas eve and christmas day? or can i stop checking SSOL compulsively for a while?

    • For comparison

      I have received four of my grades in the last six days, each on a different day. I don't check ssol unless an email tells me to. I've been made aware of all four by an email that has come right around 8:30 AM. My guess is that those grades were posted the previous day and SSOL updates to show them around 8:30. So, I would assume that some teachers may post grades on Xmas eve, meaning you would get it tomorrow. Clearly, though, I know nothing and make a lot of assumptions. My new GPA confirms that.

      • ...

        in my experience, the emails are unreliable and sporadic. ssol seems to update once a day, it tells you on the login page how fresh the data is. the times shown are all like 2:30am, but it doesn't seem to actually get the update until around 5:30am.

        what a shitshow of a semester! every grade that rolls in pushes my gpa closer to falling below 3.0 and i haven't even seen my physics grade yet. AND this place has rampant grade inflation, IT BURNS I TELL YOU, IT BURNS!!!

  16. grades

    will ordinarily appear around 7/7:30a--there's always time between SSOL updating & the e-mail being sent. And SSOL refreshes only once a day, so...obsessive checking doesn't change anything.

  17. yea

    i only check when i get an email about it...just got my first 2 grades today..bah

    merry xmas guys..

  18. truth

    Truth is the cure for liberalism.

    Just read Pat Buchanan's 'Death of the West' to understand how and why.

  19. Uh oh,

    Was Bwog lighting the wrong side of the menorah?

  20. really?

    anti-semitism at columbia? really?

  21. ....

    It's funny, though, that some people who make such remarks are not afraid to share their identities with all. It's not the first time.

  22. number 31

    is a fucking idiot. do you realize you used your e-mail?[removed]

  23. i mean

    an anonymous blog comment, signed with an unverified email is not exactly a damning stain on someone's record but i know what you're saying

  24. haha

    wow. that's actually really funny.

  25. Love

    the banner, Bwog. Merry Christmas!

  26. hold up

    What if this is just someone who doesn't like SMS and posted her email address on a hateful comment? Kind of sucks that any prospective employer for the rest of her life will find this thread. Bwog, the responsible thing to do would be to delete the relevant comments altogether. Basically 31-44.

  27. ssol

    emails aren't sent about ssol updating for non-columbia classes (ie. check ssol if you've taken a class across the street, regarding of what your email bids you to do)

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