Profs Sign Stuff About Gaza

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While student groups may still be in the planning stages of any events about the Gaza conflict, some more Columbia professors have voiced their opposition to Israel’s actions, signing an open letter to Barack Obama written by USC English professor David Lloyd.

Among the approximately 800 signatories are 14 Columbia faculty members, including:

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  1. green

    I can see some people are just hungry for controversy.

    • alum

      It does seem like Bwog is trying to stir controversy where it does not exist. The new regime of the College Republicans probably don't even know how Horowitz is and would not stir controversy by bringing him back to campus.

  2. umm...

    Bwog, can we have more news on the actual letter than that it contains "stuff about gaza" voicing "opposition to Israel's actions"?

  3. wow

    seriously not a SINGLE professor in favor of Israel? I agree that Israel is doing a lot of fucked up things, but I can not believe that a single professor has not spoken out in support of Israel. Has Bwog just not covered it (I'm not trying to stir up controversy, I swear!)

  4. hadley

    Does anybody really care what these professors think? Is anyone surprised by their position?

  5. hmm

    i don't think playing a dick measuring contest of whose actions are more "fucked up" justify the ridiculous "fucked up-edness" of what is going on right now.

    there ARE conscientious Israeli objectors. You aren't necessarily FOR another side's "fucked up-ity" if you protest against the current huuuuuge "fucked up-itude".

    you, fuck-ups.

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