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Why, look, the Spec has a new set of columnists! Hoping to end the association of the Spec opinion pages and giant penises are: 

  • Monday: Eric Hirsch (CC ’09, former associate editor of AdHoc), Philip Petrov (CC ’09, literary editor of The Current)
  • Tuesday: MaryAlice Parks (CC ’09, member of CUPlayers and a coordinator of Artists Reaching Out), Tiara Winter-Schorr (GS ’10)
  • Wednesday: Lauren Salz (BC ’11, CUGOP Executive Director), joint column by Roosevelt Institution members Adrian Haimovich (SEAS ’10) and Vedant Misra (CC ’09)
  • Thursday: Christopher Morris-Lent (CC ’09, former Bwog writer), Jon Hollander (CC ’10, and one of three returning columns, along with Lauren Salz and the joint Redburn/Leonard column)
  • Friday: Joint column by former Dems members Kate Redburn and Sarah Leonard (both CC ’10), former Spec editorial board member Daniel D’Addario (CC ’10)

Among the non-returnees are CCSC VP for Policy Adil Ahmed and crowd favorite Anthony Kelley. The competition for most QuickSpec links begins next week.

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  1. Eeeee!!!

    hirsch is the man.

  2. nooooo

    PLEASE NOT REDBURN/LEONARD! Take your poorly informed, high-strung articles and shove them!

  3. Mr. Shaw

    Alexi was the best last semester. no one else even came close.

  4. AHH

    please fix the font changes

  5. Ha, i get it.

    Columnists. picture of a column.

    I hope you're proud of yourself, bwog.

  6. looks  

    pretty terrible. did not many ppl apply?

  7. Count our blessings

    no Anthony Kelley.

  8. Anonymous

    didnt Dan D'Addario used to write for bwog too? ah yes, fond memories of that loser

  9. congrats!

    Phil Petrov got a column?!?! How will the Spec opinion page handle the awesomeness?!?!?

  10. kelley  

    sigh. i heard he didn't apply.

  11. ups and downs

    Petrov = good and funny
    Salz = WTF?!?11?!!1

  12. hurrah!  

    adrian is going to be awesome for the wednesday column. vedant will unfortunately bring it down.

  13. former columnist

    so something like 8 of us were dropped. what's up with that?

    not bitter, just curious.

  14. if...

    8 of you were dropped, why was Lauren Salz kept on?

  15. Anonymous  

    Philip's actually on Monday

  16. HOLY CRAP  


  17. Wait, no Dan Blank?

    I liked his column. :(

  18. well

    I for one am a fan of Maryalice Parks. Looking forward to it.

  19. redburn/leonard

    yeah! i wouldn't say they were uninformed at all, and they never claim to be experts. opinions are kind of the point of columns on the *op*-ed page, no?

    alexi was spectacular. why is he not returning? WHY?

    • crap

      They are usually very critical of people/organizations, without doing any kind of homework about them. They usually end up falling flat on their faces. If you're going to write a column, do some basic homework.

  20. news...

    I'm sure this is old news to everyone by now, but it hasn't been covered here yet. Very soon, perhaps as early as next week, Barack Obama will act to repeal the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. Now, those who don't want the ROTC will need to find another excuse...

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