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Commentariat got its hands the names of the early Phi Beta Kappa inductees: Rajiv Agarwal, Rudi Batzell, Mikaela Bradbury, Jennifer Brown, Cindy Cai, Willy Chang, Emily Clader, Yasemin Erboy, Amari Hammonds, Emily Jordan, Kyle Jurado, Leora Kelman, Jisung Park, Andrei Petrenko, Brendan Price, Richard Prins, Mollie Schwartz, Swarup Swaminathan, Xiyin Tang, and Xiao Wei. Congrats to the inductees!

The rest of the members will be notified in the spring. Aspiring PBK members can learn the rather vague entry criteria in one of our old AskBwogs.

And for those of you not in the city or watching cable news right now, an Airbus 320 has crashed into the Hudson River near 48th Street. US Airways Flight 1549 was flying from LaGuardia to Charlotte, North Carolina, and may have run into a flock of geese before going down. Thankfully, no one was hurt killed. 

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  1. Good job!

    Kudos to all PBKers! I know many of them personally and am not surprised - their diligence and pure intellect has truly earned them this honor! Kudos!

  2. factcheck  

    Um...people were hurt (some hypothermia at least), and in fact some were even brought to St. Luke's. Nobody died, which is different.

  3. Wheee  

    Cool. The proportion of early PBK people I know personally (6/20 = 30%) is significantly higher than the proportion of the senior class whom I know personally (I'm guessing about 20%). Conclusions: my friends are nerds, ergo I'm a nerd.

  4. Wheee  

    Or that nerdy kids are popular here. I'm happy with that too, and happy for my friends!

  5. okay so

    there are 80 more inductees to come?

  6. '09er

    only know a few of the inductees but want to send my congratulations. what a huge honor. congrats guys.

  7. 09 grad

    congratulations. this is a big honor for them.

  8. LOL

    I like how the plane crash incident followed the PBK announcement. Puts it all into perspective...who gives a fuck about PBK.

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