We Googled Them So You Don’t Have To

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Wondering what you have to do to be an early member of Phi Beta Kappa? Here’s what Bwog found out about our early nominees:

Econ leads the pack with four inductees, while English and Bio-related majors tie with three early inductees each. Also, Bwog’s consulted every online source we can think of, but we know our readers know them best, so let us know what we’ve missed about our inductees in the comments. Again, congratulations to the inductees!

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  1. This

    is so creepy. Chill out bwog.

  2. yea

    they deserve the laud, but this stalking is seriously creepy

  3. i think

    this is pretty cool.

  4. not creepy

    really interesting. thanks bwog.

  5. haha

    glad to see that bwog is in fact a creeper after my own heart

  6. the early inductions

    are based on grades and faculty recommendations (the next batch factors in extracurriculars). As commendable as their ec's are, it's more likely that what these people have in common is a)Past collaboration with a faculty member (most likely through research projects) or b) They have applied for a fellowship or scholarship (Dean Pippenger heads up the PBK selection committee)

  7. Freshman DUMMY

    ...I must ask.

    What's 'Phi Beta Kappa'?

    What makes this frat so special?

  8. Freshman DUMMY

    Ah, so Columbia's very own eating club/Skull&B then?

  9. hey amari

    i lived with you last year and you never told me you were a tv star!? i don't even know you :(

    oh, and congrats on PBK.


  10. ...

    does PBK also consider Barnard?

  11. clearly  

    Spec is a direct pipeline to PBK.

  12. ellen kay

    At twenty she was brilliant and adored,
    Phi Beta Kappa, sought for every dance;
    Captured symbolic logic and the glance
    Of men whose interest was their sole reward.

    She learned the cultured jargon of those bred
    To antique crystal and authentic pearls,
    Scorned Wagner, praised the Degas dancing girls,
    And when she might have thought, conversed instead.

  13. great

    this makes me feel like crap

  14. correct

    1) Barnard College has its own chapter of PBK. Barnard students are selected and honored by their own school. This list is for the CC chapter. That being said, GS has its own chapter, and engineering schools like SEAS have a different academic honor society altogether.

    2) Congrats, Brendan!

  15. pb...ok

    It's nice that people are happy for those that were selected, but why the obsession bordering on intrusiveness, and why the certainty that they're so superior to everyone else? Get over it.

  16. no, not creepy  

    RAJIV! I'm so glad Rajiv is on the list. He deserves it.

  17. Furnald?  

    congrats to everyone on the list! and, as a former Furnaldian (I'll keep my thoughts on the experience to myself) I can't help but recognize at least three fellow-freshman-Furnaldians on the list.... food for thought.

    :-) I'm proud of you guys

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