Butler Basement Flooded, Closed for the Day

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A bad sign for the new semester: Butler Library’s basement has flooded, and, according to a security guard, the whole building is without water or heat. In fact, “all mechanical systems went down,” the guard said.

Butler will be closed at least for the day, but it’s unknown how long it will be until the problems are repaired. UPDATE (8:25 PM): From the main library website: “Alert — Due to a severe water problem in the basement of Butler Library and the absence of heat and restrooms in the building, Butler will not open as planned on Tuesday morning, January 20. At this time, the plan is to reopen the building at noon.”

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  1. Alum

    Does anyone know whether any books were damaged? Is the water below the first level of the stacks? Even a relatively small flood can be a catastrophe for a library.

  2. Oh No!  

    I was planning on moving in there tomorrow to begin studying!

    • concerned student  

      but finals are a mere 4 months away! where will I do all of that cramming between now and then. my plan was to just skip all my classes, and get an early start on those pesky review sheets.

      Aw well, my efforts will be redoubled starting at noon: I pledge not to leave the butler and will instead sustain myself on discarded half-drunken red bulls and the blood and tears of my fallen peers.

  3. In Hamilton  

    A pipe burst on the fifth floor and the basement was flooded. Get on it BWOG.

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