Free Oren’s Coffee Tomorrow

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On the first day of classes, you may be looking for a pick-me-up, and Oren’s Coffee will be there to help. Among the many different inauguration promotions across the country, Oren’s is giving away free coffee from 10:44 am to 12:44 pm tomorrow.

They’ve also unveiled a special “Blend 44: Beans You Can Believe In” for the inauguration, which purports to combine elements of Obama’s background. The blend, described as having “a full-bodied, sweet, huge aroma,” includes “two Colombian coffee bean varieties representing the richness of Obama’s study at NYC’s Columbia University and the lushness and pride in his family’s new District of Columbia (DC) address.” Bwog wonders what this Facebook group thinks of that.



  1. Alum08

    FreeFoods, while it's not very close to Columbia, has a free coffee deal ALL WEEK!


    (For those of you enjoying your MLK Day in the city)

  2. Anonymous  

    I blame the Sophomore Class Council.

  3. Idea  

    Can we start a list of classes that are canceled tomorrow because of the inauguration? I've received several e-mails with this announcement for classes I've registered for, but there were a couple I was planning to shop...

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