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Tasti D-Lite has served its last four-ounce cup of sweetened dairy-based frozen dessert substance on the fifth fourth floor of Lerner.

Bwog discovered the d-parted D-Lite kiosk Monday night, just as employees were giving the area a final sweeping. No word yet on why Tasti has vanished from Lerner, but Bwog will doggedly track down answers from Housing and Dining administrators as soon as possible.


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  1. o rly  

    as soon as possible?

    i expect reporters to be dealing with this crisis as i type

  2. sldkd

    school's starting again.. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. correction  

    fourth floor lerner

  4. EAL  

    This will put a significant dent in the Barnard traffic into and out of Lerner.

  5. Anonymous

    This is a great victory for the food eating public. I envy you all.

  6. Really?  

    "No word yet on why Tasti has vanished from Lerner,"? Really? How about PINKBERRY: anorexia has moved to 112nd Street.

  7. dunkin donuts!  

    let's get dunkin donuts i love dunkin donuts

  8. good  

    that stuff was disgusting

  9. pornster  

    tasti good nite

  10. I WANT  


  11. thats upsetting  

    its like my dog died again

  12. shit!  

    i liked tasti! now there is nothing in lerner worth wasting dining dollars on!

  13. bureaucracy  

    yes! this finally frees up more space for administrative offices!

  14. wait  

    who cares? no one actually liked that nasty shit anyway.

    i say bring on the jamba juice!

  15. flava flav!  

    lets get a starbucks there

  16. good  

    the employees there since they changed management were these assholes who'd creepily hit on/oggle girls waiting for their desert

  17. Huh?

    Dunkin Donuts? Nasty cakey donuts and bad, weak coffee...bring on the Krispy Kreme. Fluffy, airy donuts are the way to go.

  18. how about...  

    a stand for doughnut plant :)!

    (anyone who says dunkin donuts or krispy kreme is better is both an idiot/unaware)

  19. Serial

    Krispy Kreme ALL THE WAY! i don't understand the appeal of those gross Dunkin Donuts

  20. Why don't we just get  

    a fresh fruit stand or something, you know, healthy AND delicious?

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