More Obama Roommate Recollections, and Inauguration PhotoBwogging

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City Room interviews Obama’s old roommate (whose own article Bwog linked to on Saturday) about the many savory details of their time together, including being forced to use Dodge’s showers, and their reliance upon Tom’s for breakfast.

On the photography side of things, Bwog daily editor Jon Hill contributes some of his shots of Columbia during the presidential festivities. More photos after the jump.

From inside Roone Arledge during and right after the swearing of the oath



  1. fact:  

    people who watched inside have less democracy than those who watched outside

  2. well,  

    i'm wearing my obama t-shirt...it has +5 democracy.

  3. dnc

    those people standing in front of a screen have to be the biggest tools at columbia.

  4. My Goodness

    Is Mudd an ugly building or what?

  5. Is it bad that  

    I'm sick of Obama already

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