University Senate Nominees Announced

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While one senatorial appointment may have already been made, another will finish in 24 hours. Earlier this evening, CCSC president George Krebs sent Bwog the list of nominees to replace Tiffany Dockery, who suddenly resigned early last December. They are:

  • Billy Freeland, CC ’09
  • Dov Friedman, CC ’09
  • Alex Frouman, CC ’12
  • Matt Heiman, CC ’09
  • Isaac Lara, CC ’11
  • Michael Marion, CC ’09
  • Kate Redburn, CC ’10

According to Krebs’s weekly CCSC email, “the senator must be voted for by two thirds of CCSC.  We will hold interviews and conduct the deciding vote at our meeting this Sunday at 8PM in the Satow Room on Lerner 5 (which, like all CCSC meetings, is open to all. We will have a time set aside for students to comment and add their input).” Bwog will bring you the decision as soon as it is made.


  1. ...

    Matt Heiman no doubt is the best one there in terms of qualifications...

    Isaac Lara is also a really solid person... He wouldn't be a bad pick

    The real question is whether they should take a senior or someone who is younger... It might be a little unfair to give a non-senior such an advantage in the upcoming spring semester by making them an unelected incumbent... Just doesn't seem fair...

    But on the other hand, a second semester senior is definitely a lame duck... that's why someone like matt would be good given his experience and ability to get a running start

  2. sooo  

    this is the way democracy dies. With rousing applause.

  3. Go Isaac!

    Dedicated, motivated, reliable. Isaac would definitely be my pick.

  4. Go Michael Marion  

    If you are looking for a man with a vision, a man with experience, a man with a plan. A second semester senior knows the ins and outs of Columbia and in my humble opinion should be given a chance to make a difference.

    Michael Marion looks like a good pick to me!

  5. Anthony Kelley  

    Michael Marion and Dov Friedman would both make great Senators.

    Mike has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to grapple with contentious campus issues and reach solutions that benefit all. He is a great listener and I believe in his vision for our campus.

    Dov and I were floormates freshman year. We disagreed often, but as we got older, we began to appreciate our differences as a site for critical engagement and personal growth. I value him as a friend and I trust him to lead us in the right direction.

    For me, it will be difficult to choose between these two highly qualified and equally committed individuals.

    Oh, and MIchael Marion is CC '09, not '12.

  6. who  

    cares. The councils and senate have sat idly by as our freedom to party has been drastically curbed in draconian fashion, dining options have lessened (see JJs' hours), laundry machines lie broken for months, and maintenance requests take weeks to process. Fuck them.

  7. Yes  


  8. Mike Marion for Senator  

    Mike Marion (CC '09, not CC '12 as it says on the page) would make a great USenator. He has plenty of experience leading clubs on campus.

    And don't knock seniors. Often they have the time to dedicate to the senate and a great knowledge of how things work at columbia.

  9. kate  

    she's excellent at everything she does! very smart, capable, lovely person.

  10. umm  

    mike marion is full of shit, and is a resume padder he has too much shit on his plate and is not passionate

  11. i say  

    no freshmen. sorry, but frosh just don't know enough just yet to get shit done in the bureaucratic monolith that is the CU Senate

  12. wow

    Billy fucking Freeland. Change has truly come to America.

  13. hate to say it  

    but billy freeland is kinda of a dick

  14. anyone  

    other than Isaac... we don't need any whey protein legislation

  15. Monica sucks

    Monica Quaintance on the Senate? If so, can we replace her too? She's ugly and really freaky...





  18. interesting  

    nice that everyone supports the one person they know. I dont think anyone knows every single one of these people

  19. ...

    What has Billy Freeland actually achieved at Columbia other than running a failed campaign?

    I'm worried that CCSC will pick him just because they feel bad that he lost the election for this seat in the Spring.

  20. What's with  

    the hating on billy?
    He's a good guy and he takes the student gov't stuff pretty seriously.

  21. ???  

    most columbia students haven't actually achieved anything of importance here. running a failed campaign is actually something. not much, but something...

    billy wouldn't have missed meetings like dockery did, he would have been committed. it's pretty clear that he was one of the few people who actually cared about the position instead of using it to pad his resume. plus, we're past that whole "progressive student of color" bullshit. there is no more racism, therefore, we can say whatever we want. suck it, black people.


    • ...

      I didn't mean to say that Billy was better or worst than tiffany dockery. Obviously, Tiffany's actions in council demonstrate that she was a poor pick.

      My earlier point was that I hope council doesn't pick him just because they feel bad that he lost that campaign.

    • Anonymous  

      It would make since why you'd be anonymous. That was some pretty F-#ked up stuff you said; especially being (I'm guessing now) from Columbia University. Make sure you take some classes on poverty, inequality, the housing market, history, past legislative policies, immigration, race, etc. You remind me of kids in the suburbs who have never had real relations with a number of black people (not a few). You have a lot to learn, Money.

  22. Anonymous  

    I support Mike Marion. Do your thing, Man. You have your morals and priorities in order.

  23. yes  

    i don't care about columbia student politics, but i'm loving the picture of the galactic senate

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