And CCSC’s New Senator Is…

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After presentations, questions, and discussion (all in just over an hour!), CCSC chose Billy Freeland, CC ’09, as the new CCSC senator, replacing Tiffany Dockery.

Freeland, a former Senate candidate who missed out in last spring’s Senate elections by eight votes, won in a runoff over Alex Frouman, a freshman who’s spent his first semester on the CCSC policy committee. The other three candidates were Dov Friedman CC ’09, Michael Marion CC ’09, and Matt Heiman CC ’09 (another two candidates withdrew their names from nomination before the meeting).

UPDATE: Those curious about the selection process, and the rest of the CCSC meeting, can check out the meeting notes.

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  1. Wait  

    Big mistake- i know Freeland personally and have worked with him. He is not a nice person, and is a back stabber. I feel bad for the other senators he will work with.

  2. Big Ballah  

    Damn. The student council is going to shit.

  3. I know...  

    ...[Random student politician]and this is a huge mistake. [Random student politician] does not have the necessary experience and does not play well with others. [Random student politician]is too ambitious. [Random student politician] once cheated on [possessive pronoun] significant other while eating babies. Should have been [Random student politician #2], you'll learn all too soon.

  4. who cares?  

    I mean really... who cares?

  5. well...  

    think about it this way, freeland > dockery. back stabbing and being "mean" won't really do much for you as a senator. people are going to have to work with you anyway and the senator will still be responsible for his work.

    who's he going to piss off, CCSC? honestly, who cares. the kids who are on student council have major ego problems. this decision is rather inconsequential.

  6. Confused  

    What does the senate do?

  7. Dov

    for U senate!!!

    Oh wait, they already picked Freeland. Idiots...

  8. wait so  

    Who are the other senators? I should've run.

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