Week in Review: Ewoks Aglow Edition

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Bwog was playing a little pre-semester Donkey Kong and noticed that the freshman bastion of ice not-really-cream had disappeared, vamoosed, vanished from Lernerland.  Jaded, and not surprised, H&D’s response suggested that Pinkberry had taken all their business.  We were saddened by the loss of the place that had played home to our fondest memories, by the comments that were filled with people chanting the names of other establishments, and by the revelation that Columbia didn’t put running water in the Tasti Lounge.  They put it in Butler’s basement instead, a nasty limitation for potential replacements to deal with.

Columbia, though hurting, probably won’t notice the missing revenue stream.  It was too busy locating the $3 Million Missing with Madoff, courtesy of the law school.  They’re also readying their lawyers for another Manhattanville-related lawsuit.  At least the change will dribble in from the transaction fees at Campo, now accepting “Flex.”  Hopefully, Columbians who get record labels, Oscars, and Sundance viewership will find themselves better off.

As was expected, everyone yelled a lot about the inauguration.  Bwog opted to take photos of the masses.  After a senator resigned last year, CCSC released a list of potential replacements.  Lots of mildly-uninterested debate took place around campus, and just a few hours ago, her replacement was selected.

Finally, the new year’s first potential shitstorm was announced.  Students and groups supporting Palestine and/or Gaza and/or Israel will be holding events in and around the steps tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


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