Monday Pro-Gaza Rally Canceled

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A quick note for all those planning to enjoy the spectacle on Low Plaza at lunchtime today: the pro-Gaza rally has been canceled.

Event organizers told Bwog that the rally, originally planned to take place on Low Plaza, had to be canceled due to “scheduling conflicts.” The opposing “Rally of Solidarity and Peace for Israel” is still scheduled for noon at the Sundial.

The other events in the series, including evening vigils during the week and a speakout tomorrow, all at the Sundial, will still take place.

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  1. Anonymous  

    In other words, the pro gaza terrorism people didn't reserve the space. Silly grad students: you can't just do anything you want any time you want in the real world. There are rules and norms; kind of like the norms that suggest you should not intentionally target civilians when you're fighting a "war".

  2. CogInSystem  

    While I generally find college demonstrations humorous and ineffective (when aimed at global as opposed to local issues), what I found even more humorous and ineffective today was an undergrad tearing down Gaza event flyers out of anger in Schermerhorn.

  3. Oh come on  

    Now what am I going to do with my "Paraplegics Stand With Gaza" poster?

  4. Confused  

    then why are there still people out with flags and signs on college walk? is bwog just trying to sabotage the students who stand with gaza? and what is the status on the other events scheduled for the next few days, like the speak out tomorrow?

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