QuickSpec: Math Edition

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Morningside Heights < pretty much everywhere else

 Lots of candidates for USenate — all of them except for one = Billy Freeland

 Sometimes, grad students > real professors, and PrezBo needs to know about it!

Photographer Leonid Lubianitsky + the Harriman Institute = the meaning of life

Get out your calculators for this doozy: politics = “a cockroach”, “the costume in which fear disguises itself”, an interest in politics = a “neurosis”


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  1. CogInSystem  

    Favorite line from the last article, "If a man is “politically engaged,” we know that he is tame, like a domesticated animal."

    Because violent radicals and "anarchists" are not "politically engaged". What a load of crap! From a poli sci major, no less.

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