Free Indian Food Tonight in Lerner!

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For everyone whose mouth waters at the thought of Indian cuisine, today is a lucky day.  The Bhakti Club is holding its first free Indian vegetarian cooking class of the semester tonight at 7pm in the Broadway Room in Lerner. 

And, as the product of the class is a delicious, vegetarian, Indian meal, there will naturally be plenty of free food to follow — guests have even been told to “bring tupperware.”  And, in case further motivation is necessary, Bwog has been reminded that “Hare Krishna monks with New Jersey accents never fail to delight.”

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  1. what time  

    what time is the actual food served? Also, usually there's a donation pot - so give a buck or two!

  2. ...  

    do they have a mailing list? i do not want to miss the next one...

  3. email list!  

    email [email protected] to add to the mailing list!

  4. indian student  

    the picture youre showing isn't indian food

  5. other indian student  

    oh shoot, what IS that? i assumed it was spices and stuff, which is still weird

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