QuickSpec: The Outside Comes In

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The violence in Gaza sparks tense but ultimately peaceful peace rallies.  Everyone wants to converse, but nobody has yet.

Campo is to decamp to the space between Furnald and the Journalism Building.

But until then, you can decamp to our very own nearly-on-campus Greenmarket for produce.  Even though it’s winter.

And, of course, everyone’s still excited and awed by our most notable Columbian who’s working, oh, somewhere else for a while.

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  1. Campo  

    Campo on Campus? Sounds too good to be true! But here's to hoping it actually comes... :D

  2. Easy Favorite Comment

    Boy, I really hate [generic post that uses [generic things]]! I [generic verb...?] those because they me [generic feeling].

    [generic summing up remark].

  3. wow  

    i hate mike tannebaum

  4. umm  

    what's going on at the sundial?

  5. bwog...  

    i dont know what the most recent comment (#8) was but the one by "Civilwar" didn't seem like it was worthy of being taken down did it? It was kind of stupid and dumb and somewhat offensive but I mean you're getting pretty draconian here. It wasn't really breaking any of the rules you've previously posted was it?

  6. bwog  

    also an fyi, in the reply to field there's still the choice of replying to a comment by "yeu" and one can see the first few words of that post were racial insults

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