Community Service and Free Food Tonight!

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Three distinct opportunities to eat for free and check out ways to serve little kids, the world, or just, you know, the community. Read to kids at Project Sunshine, save the world at Amnesty International, or impact your community at � Community Impact!

All three organizations are holding interest meetings tonight. Community Impact�s open house is going on right now in the Earl Hall Auditorium, and will last until about 9pm. Amnesty International�s interest meeting will start at 9:15 in Earl Hall�s Dodge room. Both of these organizations will provide generally �free food,� which obviously could be anything.

If you�re peckish though, check out FREE MAGNOLIA BAKERY CUPCAKES at Project Sunshine�s interest meeting going on right now in Room 404 of the Kraft Center. If you�ve never been there, it�s on 115th between Broadway and Riverside, south side of the street.

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  1. michael layne

    of cu security fame is playing at earl jam!!!

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