Dance, Dance, Dance for Charity!

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The 9th annual Dance Marathon will be shaking down this weekend, from Saturday at noon to Sunday at 4pm. That�s 28 hours of straight dancing for charity � to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The event has become Columbia�s biggest annual fundraiser, having raised $338,000 for the Foundation throughout the years.

There will be boogie, twist, waltz� well maybe not waltz, but there will be almost everything else. From line dancing to prepared hip-hop routines to DDR, dancing events will occupy the registered dancers for the entire 28 hours, and they are meant to be on their feet the entire time.

Too much for you? It�s late to officially register to be a �moraler,� who for at least 2 hours cheers the participants on and maybe dances a little. But unregistered moralers, dancers, and spectators are welcome at this festival of boogie-down ($10 tickets can be purchased in Lerner during the marathon). You could even make a small donation, your parents could make a small donation, or if you�re interested in getting a little more involved, check out the marathon�s current homepage. You can also attend their date auction at 9 p.m. in Roone Arledge Auditorium, or the Senior Night at Village PourHouse at 11.

If you aren�t as excited as Bwog is about this incredible display of caffeinated willpower put to music, check out clips of the Dance Marathon from a few years ago, and remember that there will be few other opportunities to do the community service President Obama expects of us all while dancing to ABBA.



  1. marathon?  

    24 hours makes some sense
    26 hours makes a lot of sense
    28 hours makes NO sense

  2. CUDM Dancer  

    No BWOG, caffeine is banned from the entire dance marathon! all of our energy comes from willpower! FTK!!

  3. date  

    Wait, are the people in delta sig being auctioned off or the people in the dance marathon?

  4. Nobler  

    Radio... bwog transmission?

  5. UMMMM  

    the link to "clips of the Dance Marathon from a few years ago" takes me to Courseworks...

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