QuickSpec: The Times, They Are A-changin’

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As traditional good old-fashioned print media declines, we face another tragedy� wait, you mean Steve Jobs is alive?

Before you advise your parents to sell their Apple stock, go to class and hear about how bad the economy is already.

Then thank your lucky stars that, though you�ll enter the job market earlier, you won�t have to suffer through �Frontiers of Humanities� with the class of �13.

The end – no more profs saying the darndest things! Now they email them instead.



  1. errr, bwog  

    you are aware that the whole 'frontiers of humanities' thing is a joke about how ridiculous frontiers of science is, right? just checking.

  2. ugh  

    Please dear God tell me that's a joke.

  3. cc'09  

    er... the article's authors actually acknowledge that it is a joke in the third paragraph. did bwog not read that far in? srsly!!

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