In Which Bwog Blames The Endowment Problems on Buckwheat

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If your learning style is more graphs than paragraphs, Bwog daily editor Jon Hill has created a highly scientific chart of the decline of Ivy endowments.

As you can see, the true cause of our nation’s problems was the pernicious combination of bad Eddie Murphy movies and poorly designed ketchup bottles. Damn you, Heinz.


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  1. this is amazing  

    But I am still confused as to what the endowments have to do with buckwheat, or ketchup.

  2. ...  

    GAH!!! percentage change in WHAT?!

    percentage change in RETURNS or percentage change in PRINCIPAL?

    la email de el presidente was ambiguous! do some fact finding!

  3. Yup

    Principal is all that makes sense. Standard investment reporting practice.

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