Last Chance to Shop Around

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Today marks the end of the “Change of Program” period, which means it’s the last day you can add and drop classes with no fee, paperwork, or generalized anxiety involved.

But, should you not realize until next month that your 9 a.m. lecture class in Pupin really isn’t working for you, don’t worry. You still have until Feb. 24 to drop a class — don’t expect your money back, though — and a little under two months left (March 26) to switch courses to pass/fail.

More information is on the Registrar’s Web site, or you can try your luck with an adviser. (Walk-in hours were yesterday, by the way.)

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  1. 123

    Unless you are a part-time student, doesn't everyone pay full-tuition regardless of how many courses you take? Even seniors who get approval to take below 12 credits (the f/t amount) are still billed the full tuition, so the refund scenario seems like it would apply to very few people.

  2. film and language

    Film and foreign language classes, among possibly others, have course fees that won't get refunded after today if you drop the class.

  3. hi bwog.  

    i have 9 am lecture in pupin. the walk does kind of suck

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