The Long Wait Is Over

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It’s been a couple of months since Ricky’s shuttered its doors for remodeling, but the store-formerly-known-as-Kim’s appears to have completed its metamorphosis into fabulousness.

Signs posted on the shop’s door this morning inform passers-by that the new (and questionably improved) incarnation of Ricky’s opens today at 2:30 p.m. Workers were laying the finishing touches on the exterior around 11 a.m., and empty boxes by the curb indicate that inventory was delivered sometime earlier in the week.

Updates will be posted if warranted, but for now, Bwog will go ahead and start lining up for first dibs on body glitter.

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  1. seriously bwog?  

    You, queen of hipsters, are dancing over Kim's grave? And Ricky's is fabulous? I hope this post is ironic, because nobody wants Ricky's there.

  2. boo

    why does anyone need this

  3. rickies  

    ricky's full of dicky's



  4. just came from there  

    it was actually pretty nice. it was more like an overpriced claires/harmons mixed into one. which isn't a bad thing necessarily since we don't have anything like either of those around here. yes, there was a whole second devoted to fake eyelashes, but hey, viva la costume party!

  5. hold it  

    doesn't ricky's have a sex toy section?

  6. big hair girl  

    oh my god I'm so glad ricky's is opening! I've waited so long to get devacurl and tame my mane!

  7. idk

    i know since we're liberal we're 'sposed to be all "stick it to the man and corporate america" but it wasn't so bad. i actually liked the store.

    i think that we might have too much fun hating things.

  8. Hmm...  

    Suddenly, cheap hair dye is within walking distance. I can't dislike this.

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