PrezBo Lends Us His Economic Wisdom (Again)

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As you may or may not know, our 

Fearless Leader recently spent some time at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and while he was there, he said several clever things to his fellow delegates.  The Financial Times Blog found his comments punchy enough to post.  Some of PrezBo’s sagacity:

“All of the discussions over the last several years of an assumed “decoupling” of the rest of the world from the US economy today sound about as quaint as the purring of praise for unmediated free markets. We are in a global recession, and we are all inter-connected in ways that we barely understand or can imagine. Clearly, we need to know much, much more than we do about what is happening in the world, so that we can better act to avert dangers and build successfully on what has been achieved.  That is the basic role of journalism and the press.”

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  1. What do you  

    call it when Columbia's president cries over the state of the endowment?

    Lee Bawlin'-ger!

  2. Anonymous  

    So, Bwog, a kid died. SEAS '12, in Hartley. What happened?

  3. and

    and a student was arrested on thursday in class (Spec is down)

  4. XXX  

    Why was the student arrested?

  5. ohprezbo  

    i want him to take me and inject me with a stimulus package right now!

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