AltSpec: What If (Edition)

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Editor’s Note: Although news is still coming in about the death of a SEAS freshman, we will continue to be running the blog as normal. With that, here’s this week’s AltSpec.

Columbia researchers give pointed advice.

If you’re not happy with your weight, stop looking in the mirror.

If the years are getting to you, circuit training might be your friend.

If you’re a professor, listen to the experts.

If your code name is “ELP24,” watch out: the neurologists are coming.

If ye be an investment banker, Coffee’s got it in for you.

If you nest in a natural gas field, frack you.

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  1. spec?  

    what happened to the spec website?

  2. ibankers  

    i'm glad they're gone. end to bonuses!

  3. Funny  

    lawyers hating on bankers - pot kettle black?

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