QuickSpec: Upside Down Edition

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M.I.T introduces the revolutionary concept of holding smaller science classes with more TA’s, Columbia science profs think it just might work

For one young Spec columnist, “godless is cool” at Columbia, and, worse still, the “street” is College Walk!

A lot of Jewish people go to Columbia, and live in the greater metropolitan area

Spec A&E reports: “dating dilemmas plague us all at some point in our lives” 

And, oh yeah, Columbia basketball wins two Ivy League games in a row



  1. bwog

    the link to dating dilemmas is not corrrrrrrrrrect

  2. Dear Loren Berman

    No shit columbia has a lot of Jews! If a jewish student is unable to find a niche at Columbia, then that person is tremendously awkward.

  3. Fun fact:  

    Loren Berman was the kid who asked for extra large condoms at the health clinic in The 40 Year Old Virgin.

  4. sigh  

    "The story of addiction and its concomitant evils will even make the hearts of a generation desensitized by Blow, Thirteen and Maria Full of Grace palpitate."
    oh, spec. comparing such classic films as Blow and Maria Full of Grace to Thirteen -- which is about stupid teenagers experimenting with psychedelics, self-harm and blowjobs (which a large proportion of society survives) -- is insulting to mules and heroin addicts alike. and cutters.

  5. yo people  

    Hirsch ain't too young anymore - he's a senior - and ya'll are reading the article like retards if you think that's what he's saying.

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