Restaurant Week Becomes Restaurant Month-and-a-Half

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As the doldrums of February kick in and we all begin to forget our New Year’s resolutions, Bwog encourages you to skip the gym (not like you weren’t going to anyway, right?) and hustle instead to one of the over 250 restaurants participating in a time-honored New York culinary tradition, Restaurant Week. This year, the week of gastronomic revelry has been extended several weeks until February 27th. Now you have plenty of time to get your $24.07 lunches and $35 dinners for three-course prix-fixe meals at restaurants no college student could otherwise afford.

You can peruse a list of restaurants, menus and even recipes at NYC Go and make your reservations at their website or at Open Table. Take a field trip and try (if you dare!) the blowfish at BONDST, the pancetta-wrapped monkfish at i Trulli, and if you’ve made it this far into your Columbia career without making it to Queens, go to Water’s Edge and marvel at our lovely skyline. Stuff your faces well, temporary gourmands!



  1. i miss nyc!

    I graduated from Columbia and I MISS IT SO MUCH. I miss the city and I miss restaurant week and all the other NYC goodies! Chicago is not quite the same.

  2. see the light  

    honestly guys, most of these restaurants offer a 24 or 25 dollar prix fixe lunch menu already...yes even some of the biggest names out there. anyone who has a taste for fine dining but doesn't want to spend a lot should consider lunch, lots of restaurants have great bargains at lunch. and even the dinner menus for restaurant week are usually comparable to the standard offerings year round. these folks aren't willing to lose money on you quite so badly.

    • Yep

      Best advice given on bwog in a while. Restaurants will often scrimp on their menu during restaurant week to guard costs.

      I miss NYC, Chicago is one of the food capitals of the United States (along with NY, SF area, and Las Vegas) I suggest you get out and explore the scene a little bit, you might be surprised. I admit they roll the streets up at 11pm in Chicago, but it's a lovely city (and cleaner than NYC).

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