Update On Memorials

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ESC President Peter Valeiras tells Bwog that there are two meetings tonight for students: first, at 8 p.m., Associate Dean of Student Affairs Eleanor Daugherty will be leading a meeting in Low Library Visitors Center about planning “ways to commemorate Eric.” Then, at 9:45 p.m. in the Satow Room, there will be a meeting for all SEAS students with the ESC and representatives from CPS, the Chaplain’s Office, ResLife, SDA, and Student Affairs.

In addition, several students have expressed to Bwog their interest in sharing their memories of Eric. The parents have asked that all memories be sent to Daugherty’s email address: [email protected]



  1. fact

    The Satow Room is named for Jed D. Satow, a college kid who committed suicide -- his parents started the Jed Foundation to prevent more college suicides.



  2. Wow.

    I could never have imagined that. I thought it was named for some successful alum who had amassed some wealth over the decades since his college years and wanted to be commemorated.

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