1. Bobby Brown

    Dear Bwog, you should get on top of some things. Judd Gregg, NH senator and CC '69, is the supposed frontrunner for secretary of Commerce. This means that yet another Columbia alum is taking over.

  2. that  

    textbook article has such an awkward title: "Students Tighten Belts, Wallets as Textbook Prices Hit Wallets." Really, Spec?

  3. that picture  

    really speaks a thousand words.

  4. book culture  

    and the cu bookstore are jokes. bookculture should be ejected and replaced with a taco bell immediately.

  5. bwog  

    you should have some more of those "in defense of" pieces for various majors. actually you should have a big, snark free feature on majors -- post-grad opportunities, general reputation of the dept, advice.

  6. *sadface*  

    that picture makes me miss my two adorable dachshunds back home.

  7. Huh?

    Are you kidding me? Book Culture is one of the best academic text stores in the country. Their selection is better than the vast majority of other college bookstores. What's your problem with it besides some of the employees being arses?

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