Free Backrubs in Wien!

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Stressed out? Had too much Red Bull this morning? Head to Wien�s first floor lounge for “Wind Down Wednesday,” a.k.a. free backrubs!

The backrubs are provided by the beneficent campus group Stressbusters, who obviously specialize in all things anti-stress. So if you�re on the lookout for a completely new outlook on life or some deep breathing exercises to do in Butler, or you�re so completely overcome by the backrub experience that you decide to join the noble cause, more info about busting your stress will be available on site.

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  1. Stressbusters  

    Wind Down Wednesday is from 4:00-5:00pm every Wednesday in the 1st floor lounge of Wien Hall!

  2. Free

    dickrubs in Barnard. But that's not news.

  3. Jaded  

    Sigh...if it wasn't for my debilitating backne.

    (That's right; Bwog. Things just got real!)

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