I Lost It in the Subway!

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Not that the above was ever a good excuse for, well, anything. But now logging (and hopefully finding) the stuff you lost in the subway or left on that bus bound for god-knows- where is as easy as checking Bwog’s own Lost and Found box (below Events). Behold, the MTA’s all new online Lost and Found.

The MTA has actually had a Lost and Found for several years now, complete with very odd signs advertising the various things one might lose on the subway � a computer mouse� a fake limb� a snake� and your teeth?! Bwog�s incredulity must be excused; barely a few years old, we have yet to discover the wonders and perils of having dentures.

But Bwog does appreciate the MTA�s new way of doing things. It used to be that you had to call, email, or physically go down to the MTA�s Lost and Found to inquire about the glove you lost. Now, no human interaction even via email is required � you can post your lost item and search through found items, and you can even get your item delivered to your door! So if the lack of a computer screen between you and the crowds of the subway frightens you, or you tend to lose things, rejoice!

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