ColumbiaTube: Weird Moaning Sounds and a Video from Butler

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Because the Internet has been suffering a drought of useless video clips, CCSC has started its own YouTube channel.

“We expect to use our YouTube channel…to open the doors of our council, to update you on our projects, and to elicit your response,” wrote President George Krebs. As CCSC has realized, the best possible way to discuss campus policy is through ever-erudite YouTube comments.

Thankfully, this channel, which will be updated weekly, is not just for cerebral politics. In its description, CCSC informs us that “this channel aims to provide not only information, but also entertainment.”

 Our student government has some compeition for Columbia-based video entertainment. In one of the few instances when filming in a public restroom is completely acceptable, some intrepid students posted a video of the loud faucets in a Butler men’s room. Sounds like some weird whale mating call.

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  1. Hunh  

    You forgot to mention the part where Krebs likens CCSC to Barack Obama.

  2. Joe the Plumber  

    The pipes have groaned like that for years. It's probably a rusted water valve that needs to be replaced or a worn-out rubber gasket somewhere in the line.

  3. blah

    the first video sounds unbelievably fake. aren't they supposed to be good public speakers?

  4. uhhhh

    wasn't this posted on bwog like a year ago?

  5. why  

    can't they get us 40s on 40s back instead of this shit? Why do councils waste time on shit nobody cares about

  6. omg  

    i hate that butler faucet so much!

  7. haha, wow  

    That faucet video is hilarious.

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