Glass House Rocks in Three Hours

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Glass House Rocks, the one event of the year during which all the diagonal walkways in Lerner have a purpose, starts in three hours. The theme is “time machine.” Make sure to go over and take advantage of the oodles of free food and t-shirts.

While you’re waiting, check out this dance battle video from a previous rocking of the glass house.

Update (10:38pm): Bwog received pictures of the party in Lerner. It looks like Glass House is well attended. Picture after the jump.


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  1. Hey

    and guess what age the time machine is dropping everyone off at? Hey no alcohol at this GHR because our time machine dropped us off exactly where the administration perceives everyone as being...grade schoolers!!!!YAY!!!!!!!! This is why they decided against serving alcohol.

  2. Glass House Rocks  

    And yet the administration continues to stone us.

  3. Hey Bwog  

    I saw a sign on Swish today that was new: instead of saying it would reopen in a few days, the new sign claims that a new authentic Japanese restaurant is opening.

    why do we need another Japanese restaurant? Isn't Swish owned by the people who own Tomo? If so, isn't Tomo supposed to be authentic?

    For God's sake, get on this! no one give a shit about glass house rocks.

    • I'm so tired  

      of all you people who do nothing but complain about bwog.

      Here's a news flash: some of us don't give a flying shit about Swish or any other shitty eatery that's going to replace it. If you're so curious about it then make some calls yourself and write an article and submit it to bwog. Or, better yet, start your own blog.

  4. vaginass  

    gross or what?

  5. lame  

    everything is lame. lame lame lame lame lame. lame.

  6. get it right  

    To set the record straight on the posts about bacchanal they were going to have an alcohol room but it was columbia administration not money issues that led to the kindergarden theme room since they treat students like children that was the theme.

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