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New York City is at a disadvantage  when it comes to winter sports, and the Department of Parks and Recreation (with its splendidly-named Commissioner, Adrian Benepe) is seeking to put this inadequacy to rights.  Today is Winter Jam!  Finally everyone can enjoy the 70-foot-long “Snow Flume” of which the City is otherwise deprived.  Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing enthusiasts can take advantage of the “winter snowfield”; artists can ooh and aah at the snow sculpture contest (registration for which, unfortunately, has already filled); less athletic and more material winter lovers can explore the “Winter Market.”

Winter Jam also features the “Future of Snowboarding International, a professional snowboarding competition on a 90-foot tall Snowscraper structure,” as well as ice climbing, trampoline performances and live music.

 Since the event is F-R-E-E free and the City’s providing all the necessary sports equipment (you are also welcome to bring your own), it’s sure to be an absolute mob scene.  Don’t let that deter you (you came to school here because you like crowds, right?) from heading down to the East River Snow Park (FDR Drive & Houston) from 11am-4pm today to watch New Yorkers try wilderness sports in the comfort of their native urban habitat.

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  1. lazy bwog  

    This event was already posted in your guide to the weekend. Man, you guys are getting lazy.

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