AltSpec: Then Again Edition

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They mean one thing but they say another: it’s this week’s AltSpec.

They tried to provide us with health insurance, but they forgot to pay up.

This Columbia grad likes what Obama has done for affirmative action, but he ends up pushing assimilation instead.

It was built for the people, but might have done more harm than good.

Eating meat can exacerbate heart problems, except in the one case where it prevents them.

She spent a lot of time in Vietnam, but she was better known as an Ivy librarian.

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  1. Sadly

    Affirmative action is a tired policy in its current state. When you look at communities that a predominantly white or even in Asian in some places that have meth, drug, and violence problems the issues with affirmative action become apparent. My mother grew up in an Appalachian shack without running water, but she and I were given no special privilege based on the color of our skin. She makes 15,000 a year but I was held to the same standards as the white kid who went to Andover.

    America will be a better place when our society realizes that we need to stop hacking away at the racial issues but tackle the economic side of the issue and then the social aspects will fall into place.

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