Gates Scholarship Winner Is a Columbian

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Caroline Robertson, CC ’09, has been named a Gates Scholar this year.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, offers full rides to non-UK students for graduate work at the University of Cambridge.

The scholarship is awarded based on “intellectual ability, leadership capacity and desire to use their knowledge to contribute to society.”  Past winners include four other Columbia undergraduates.

Caroline says, “I’ll be doing a PhD on the neuroscience of autism in Simon Baron-Cohen’s lab.”  If the name sounds familiar, his first cousin is Sacha Baron-Cohen.

If you’re looking for the official word online, the announcement hasn’t been posted just yet just yet.  Caroline is a resident of Potluck House and a neuroscience/religion double major.  She is also an accomplished oboist and a well-known Tibet activist.

Congratulations, Caroline!

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  1. Anonymous  

    And I couldn't even win a Fulbright. Amazing! Great job, Caroline.

  2. proletariat

    Yeeeeaah girl! Caroline R is so hot. Omg.

  3. nice job  


    im applying for this next year and prob have no chance

  4. yay caroline  

    You deserve this! Congrats!

  5. potlucker


  6. Question  

    Did she apply to any other fellowships?

  7. yay!  

    Simon Baron-Cohen's lab has done some pretty awesome stuff in the past. This PhD will get you far!

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