Kim’s: Passion, Creation, and Destruction

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Want to know more about how Morningside managed to trade a DVD store for a makeup establishment? While the Columbia location of Kim’s may have closed at the start of the school year, the East Village location closed up shop January 17th, and on Thursday, The New York Times ran an article about that location’s rise and fall.  

By 2008, according to the article, Kim’s had 55,000 films in its collections, many of them were quite rare. But without the benefit of Netflix or other rental facilities, the DVDs went without customers. At its peak in the nineties, 200,000 people were in the Kim’s database.  In 2008, roughly 1,500 were still active members.

What will happen to the East Village’s location’s collection? Last year, Mr. Kim promised to donate his entire collection to anyone who would maintain and make available the entire collection. However, he failed to find anyone in the United States who would do so. Instead, collectors in Salemi, Italy offered to take the collection, where it will arrive later this month.

As we’re stuck with Netflix now, check out our post on good things to watch instead of doing homework.

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  1. kim's revenge

    just when you thought, well, at least kim's shitty customer service is gone, they make you travel to an obscure italian hill town to get your $100 account deposit back.

  2. wait...  

    didn't butler get kim's movies? please say yes?? (also when can we actually watch those...)

  3. I Don't think so idiots  

    only the uptown KIms location rented movies

  4. dang it!

    Where am I gonna get Criterion Collection movies on a whim on my way back from WSM now?

    /refuses to get Netflix.

  5. bwog  

    please get over Kim's. It is gone. no amount of shitty articles will bring it back.

  6. Alum

    I also thought the collection from the Morningside Heights branch ended up in Columbia's libraries. Did that agreement fall through?

  7. sh1t  

    fuck it to hell! Kim's being replaced with a Ricky's is exactly how I feel about this school. a horrible bureaucracy that's dogmatic to the point of idiocy; a sense of elitism and dont-speak-to-me standoffishness that pervades every corner of academic life; core classes filled with idiots who can't understand fucking Plato or don't want to read Woolf; humanities majors who depise the sciences; science majors who never see the city...

    I envy my friends at other schools who don't have the 'luxury' of having the world's largest metropolitan city suck the energy out of the campus. Don't get me wrong -- I love this city and have probably been to more places in this city than you have (unless you're a local) -- but it doesn't help this school one bit.

    Of course, the hordes of clueless people actually shopping at Ricky's for cheap, trashy makeup will probably keep them afloat and make them a nice profit, despite all my wishes. Such is life. Fuck that.

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