Attend Tonight’s Blue and White Meeting

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Tonight: Blue and White meeting, 9:30 PM, catacombs of St. Paul’s Chapel.

We’ll be opening the floor to pitches for our upcoming April issue, meaning there will be many opportunities to claim and suggest article ideas. The meeting will, of course, also include the time-honored traditions of finger-jousting (pictured at left right) and cookies.

Writers, editors, artists, poets, and designers old and new (especially new) are encouraged to attend.

Looking forward to the pleasure of your company.

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  1. three cheers for  

    shameless self-promotion!

  2. three cheers for  

    shameless self-promotion!

  3. no cheers for  

    my inability two double click only once.

  4. fuck  

    the blue and white. fuckers all! they fuck all night! with each other! fuckin fuckers

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