Bwog Personals: Just in Time for Valentine’s!

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Yes, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day, with all its chocolate boxes, schlocky promises, renewed vows, and phlegm-filled PDAs. Oh, and single people get to feel just that extra bit lonelier (sure, some singles may feel a bit happier to be “free,” but isn’t that just too cynical, even for Columbia?).

Fear not – your single friends out there have one more chance to enjoy Valentine’s Day with a (potentially) special someone, as we’re announcing a Valentine’s Day edition of Bwog Personals. Nominate your friends (or yourself!) for a personal by emailing [email protected] and we’ll send you a list of questions, which you’ll fill out and send back to us with your most flattering photo. We’ll post your stuff on Friday morning, and interested dates will be instructed to contact us so that we can shell out the $10 for your ultra romantic date night on the 14th.

Though keep in mind sometimes the most romantic dates in Morningside are priceless.

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  1. flegm?  


    ps: notice the handy picture for reference

  2. are there  

    going to be a lot of people listed, or the usual two?

  3. What did  

    one lonely chem major say to the other on the night of february 14th?

    Wanna be my valence-tine?

  4. What did

    one lonely engineer say to the other on the night of the 14th?

    Nothing. He went back to his room and jacked off till dawn.

  5. is it really sad  

    that i really want someone to nominate me? because i think that would be nice...

  6. suggestion  

    bwog should totez post followups on these "dates". it would be pretty funny, though a bit of an invasion of privacy, depending upon how seriously the daters take it, which really shouldn't be seriously, but who knows with folks round these parts.

  7. more chem romance  

    What do you get when you introduce a cation to dickite? cummingtonite.

  8. McDreamy  

    I saw this ferosh guy--I think his name was Codee--on JJ 11. He was wearing a leopard bikini and white tube socks. Anyone know him? I want a piece of that jungle ass!!!

  9. THUNDER  

    down under!!!! Codie (JJ 11 shoutout!) is actually the hottest "first year" at Columbs. Don't know about the leopard bikini (McDreamy, please) but do know that he wears white tube socks and white button downs a la Tom Cruise circa Risky Business and very pre- Suri Cruise.

    So. So. So sexy.

  10. JJ Hater  

    I don't know what you two are talking about. Cody is fugly. He has never once paraded around in a leopard bikini, nor has he ever sported the Risky Business look. He has, however, consistently distracted floormates from doing work... rude.

  11. Cody's sister  

    I hear he's got buttons for eyes...not so hot. In fact, he's one of the top five creepiest guys at Columbia.

  12. SO...  

    BISEXUALITY...is it real? discuss!

  13. neighbourhood wanker  

    Bisexuality is real,so is engineers wanking off in a robotic movement. Since when do we call Columbia,Columbs? Not cool! As a SEAS kid, i m working on a machine that gives flowers to girls and listens, not! i rather make stiff arm to shaft people worse than Columbia does


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