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Today, in the Philosophy Hall Graduate Student Lounge, Columbia offers you an event advertised as “casual, fun, and delightful.” Sound like something you might be interested in? Sure it does! Take an hour from 12:30-1:30 to take in another viewing of the Lunchtime Concerts series as the Chiara String Quartet performs K. 458 of Mozart’s “Haydn” Quartets. K. 464 and 465 will be performed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lunchtime Concerts won’t return till April, so get your Mozart while it’s hot.



  1. hey bwog  

    ec has no heat.

  2. john jay  

    there's no more takeout in john jay! blasphemy!

  3. Wolfi  

    "K. 458 of" is an incorrect construction. "K. 458, from" would work, barely.

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