MoMA Really Wants You To See Free Art

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Columbians can take pleasure in the fact that unlike those who reside outside our hallowed gates, our handy CUIDs allows us a wealth of free culture — terrible economy be damned. 

MoMA is anticipating that many locals will not be as keen as they may have been before to fork over $20 for a few hours of Sunday afternoon wandering and has launched several new initiatives to attract natives to the museum. Starting tonight at midnight, MoMA will open a satellite collection in at the massive Atlantic Avenue subway/PATH hub in Brooklyn.

The collection will remain available for viewing 24/7 for the entire month it is up and, according to Crain’s New York Business, will include reproductions of 58 of the musueum’s most famous piecees, including Monet’s Water Lillies and van Gogh’s Starry Night. MoMA is also re-vamping its “Modern Mondays” event: tonight, if you wish, you can hang out the museum until 8:45 PM and take advantage of their Valentine’s-Day themed cocktail bar and photographer hired to take pictures of couples. So take advantage of free stuff before your CUID becomes a plastic relic of your glory days. 

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  1. do you mean  

    LIRR, bwog? As far as I know, PATH does not go into Brooklyn

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