New Library Widget Revealed!

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Because Butler doesnt weigh you down enough when you’re actually there: get the brand new LibX toolbar Firefox extension and you’ll never have to leave.

Basically, LibX allows you to access CLIO while you’re innocently perusing any other website. You can also look for the Columbia crown logo when youre on Amazon or Barnes&Noble to see if CLIO has the books you’re looking for. The toolbar offers a wealth of browsing options, including options to switch from CLIO to various databases and e-journals, Google Scholar, Metalib and the Libraries website.

The Library Widgets website (don’t you wish you had known about this semesters ago?!) has a video tutorial on using LibX and all sorts of tricks and tips for using it, including full access from off-campus, something called an “embedded cue” and something Bwog can understand a little better: a highlight and drag feature.  

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  1. the libraries

    are actually pretty dope. One of the few things Columbia does right. There is a wealth of hidden info if you ask the librarians too.

  2. !!!

    My browser is now complete

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