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“How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb?” Perhaps a better question is how many engineers does it take to find a dimmer. This week’s ESC meeting started off on a humorous note as Chris Elizondo attempted to readjust one of the lights in Satow with a crutch, and failed miserably. 

The council, in their first traditional meeting since January 26th, filled the Professional Development and Alumni Affairs election vacated by Pradeep Bandaru. After the council voted to prohibit members from holding multiple offices (as it would give members more than one vote), none of the council members wanted to run, leaving the one non-council member, Eric Hirani. Unsurprisingly, Hirani won. 

In 40s on 40 news, the 2009 class council explained that the administration had  said that seniors should “start a new tradition.” Apparently, The senior class student council is working with the young alumni council to see if they would be able to sponsor the event.  The council also continued reviewing a service that would enable student to purchase all or part of a textbook (in pdf form) for $0.12/page.

The night before, their CC counterparts congratulated themselves on “basically putting on the weekend” (according to one executive board member), after putting on Glass House Rocks and the Winter Gala. 

After alluding to, but not describing — “because of our friends in the back of the room” (that’s yours truly) — the contentious debate last week over a Black Heritage Month resolution, the council passed a broader “Resolution to Support Columbia’s Heritage and Awareness Months,” covering any “heritage months” put on by the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Other intiatives discussed included support for putting course evaluation results online (because CULPA only attracts the most favorable or unfavorable students) and revamping the Columbia 311 service to synchronize it with the “Ask Us” website.

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  1. wait  

    so are they trying to get young alumni to sponsor 40s on 40 or to sponsor a new tradition? KEEP 40s on 40! I don't want some half-assed SDA backed tradition where we talk about our feelings. Lets have some proper Ivy tradition that involves nudity, drinking, or douchebaggery.

    • Agreed  

      40s on 40 needs to stay, and the class council shouldn't be so quick to sell this tradition down the river for the possibility of some new thing with sponsored by the young alumni.

  2. Class Councils  

    Are not selling anyone down the river and are obviously just as concerned about this. Don't let skewed Bwog coverage make you think otherwise.

    40s is something that is immensely important to the senior council and something that they are strongly advocating for.

  3. too bad

    class councils can't actually make anything happen for 40s. They got us into this mess to begin. It will happen, it will be guerilla.

  4. sda...  

    people are just going to drink in their rooms and come to whatever event SDA throws, and go back home to drink some more after 5 minutes. at least 40s on 40 gets the class together. why don't they just shut down visiting groups/campus that day?

  5. Heh

    You do realize how funny a political statement like "40s is something immensely important to the senior council" is right? Anyway, there should be a new tradition and I'm not trying to be a prude. The 'tradition' of 40's just seems sad...drinking...that's it. When you look at Dartmouth swimming across the river and running naked back, Oxford's duck hunt, Duke's various Cameron crazies stunts, and UVA's steeplechase our tradition just seems pathetic and dour. Perhaps it is time to do something that might increase school spirit and show a little individuality.

  6. erer  

    I think it's spelled Chris Elizondo

  7. ugh!  

    "40s is something that is immensely important to the senior council"--That line seriously made me cringe. The fact that a once-impromptu event like 40s is now being debated by the administration and the councils takes all the fun out of it. The councils are 100% complicit in the administration's War on Fun -- don't let them tell you otherwise.

  8. yup

    it's chris elizondo. he rocks!

    LOL steeplechase? go stab yourself with a fork.

  9. I can

    think of nothin more unique and columbia than 40s on 40.

    What's our traditition? Well, we get 1000 cool weird disparate folks to brown bag it and chill on the greatest stoop in all of new York city. That's lame? No, that's excellent.

  10. are you serious?

    #5: Are you serious? “Idiot students.” That’s just what the administration wants you to believe. Fact: the administration was brilliant to sponsor 40s instead of putting the kibosh on it. By now, we’ve all lost our nerve so much we actually believe it was our fault.

    #8: "40s is something immensely important to the senior council" is not a political statement. Student councils are made up of students, not politicians, though they may be getting their little political jollies out of it. Students want to drink. A lot. In public. Then yell at some dumb 12th graders. Although I can’t believe neither CCSC nor ESC has thawed lending yet.

    I cannot think of lamer schools with lamer traditions than Duke, Oxford, UVA, and Dartmouth. You swim across the Hudson and go shoot some ducks in Central Park. I want to drink on the steps, like all the famous Columbians-turned-alcoholics before me, as I ponder the bleakness waiting on the other side of graduation.

  11. tradition!  

    40s on 40 HAS to stay! even if the administration forbids it, how are they going to stop 1000 people armed with shots (of alcohol)! if it does get abolished, ill go alone

  12. Hahaha...ha

    Wow #14 just wow. You manage to sound pompous and insulting while simultaneously being dense. Yes, there is something called 'campus politics' and that phrase would ONLY sound natural coming out of the mouth of a member of the council.

    I'm sorry, but our school traditions are the lame ones. I'm not sure you are following me here, but here it goes: every school drinks senior year...that's not a tradition. A tradition is something out of the ordinary, chasing a steeple, a duck, or running naked after swimming a river to another state. Yes, we are all going to drink ourselves into oblivion, let's do something interesting along with it.

    I imagine you said Oxford, UVA, and Duke are lame with a slightly sarcastic smile on your face...god I hope so. Students from all the listed schools undoubtedly have more fun than we do...but it's not because the administration is stopping us.

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