1. pjr  

    did you guys know that of all the easily accessible places on campus, the pool is closest to the cyclotron?

  2. hmm  

    is that dangerous? to be close to the cyclotron?

  3. well  

    it's not actually contaminated. it's completely natural to put chemicals in the pool and "shock" it- this keeps it relatively clean and the chlorine levels high. it's not that serious.

  4. but  

    the sign said "due to an emergency" which i took to mean that someone took a dump

  5. colors  

    The cyclotron was dismantled last year. #4 raises a likely, though extremely disturbing and confounding, point.

    • Alum

      Even before it was dismantled, the cyclotron had sat unused for decades. And when it was actually in use, it did not release significant amounts of harmful radiation.

      There's a famous photo of I. I. Rabi frying hot dogs on its surface in the 1950s to show that the machine wasn't dangerous. Rabi died in 1988 at the age of 89.

  6. ummm  

    uh oh. i had PE in the pool this morning...

  7. Anonymous  

    rumor has it someone took a shit in the pool a la cadyshack

  8. or...  

    maybe someone took this guy's advice (http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/htf/755891987.html):

    "[Here are some] ass cleaning tips...
    Tip 3: Jump into a public pool or spa. This is just as effective as a shower or even better because you get maximum "soakage" and it requires less work such and combats lazy reach arounds in the shower. Believe it or not, that is the only useful purpose for public pools, I think of them as gigantic bathtubs that goggle up loose ass hairs, dingleberries and makes a great place to take a quick pee. If I find myself in that situation, I just jump in the pool on one end, pee then swim to the other end, do a couple quick 360's under water then jump out the shallow side and dry off. "

  9. ldr  

    it looks like bwog is becoming the new bored at butler... lol

  10. squeamish

    I'm gonna have some trouble taking the swim test now. Wish I had taken it earlier.

  11. Seriously, Guys?  

    Another Pupin joke?

  12. Alum

    It's called Uris Pool. It's named after the same family of donors as the business school's main building.

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