Free Food and Sex-themed Activities!

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Are you in the mood… for some free food and Valentine’s related fun?

And not just pink, cutesy, couples-only Valentine’s fun. We’re talking raunchy, sexy Valentine’s Day, thanks to Club Zamana. Tonight at 8pm in the Satow Room in Lerner, there’ll be condom races (whatever those are), a special sex edition of Taboo, and best of all – the ultimate sexual tension game (in your childhood, you may have known it as Twister)!

So take a study break and indulge in the giggles, and what should be a wondrous assortment of Valentine’s related goodies.

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  1. why  

    is every RA event sex-themed? I guess it reflects Cristen Kromme's sexual frustrations, but come on.

  2. Why  

    is every Club Zamana event sex-themed? Ugh!!! I'm so upset!

  3. because

    indians are horny DUH

  4. Yeah Z!  

    Awesome club with awesome people. I can't wait for Tamasha! Last year, I won a Starbucks gift card which paid for my ticket.

  5. I'm actually  

    really glad an event like this is happening. Good for them.

  6. did someone say sex?

    i would bang the club zamana president. hes cute. but how the fuck do you pronounce his name?

  7. also  

    Take Back the Night is gonna be there too, to play a consent game and talk bout sex. Woo!

  8. Surfin' UWS  

    Why must Bwog remind me at every turn that I'm not getting any this semester?!

  9. wait...

    Can we acknowledge the awesomeness of the picture for this post???

    I want a Twister-covered bedspread!!!

  10. Free food?

    Strawberry shortcake for EVERYONE!

  11. This  

    reminds me of a porno I once saw. It was hot.

  12. A condom race  

    as it typically occurs, is a relay of sorts. Each team gets a banana (or, for the advanced race, some kind of a...model), and several condoms. The rest should be evident.

    Bwog must have had one dry high school health class.

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