Wait, Columbia Has Bros?

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The venerated MTV/online (see, it�s like the internet, but on television) phenomenon CollegeHumor recently posted a music video titled �If I Were a Bro.� Think now — what�s the least likely college or university to appear in such a film?

And yet there Columbia is! When a girlfriend imagines what it would be like to be a bro (sadly forgetting about bro rape), her dreamscape mostly features scenes that could be found in any college environment — frat house, dorm rooms, disgusting couches, etc.

But then, at 2 minutes and 5 seconds into the video, some unmistakable gates and a hideous modern red brick building come into view behind the tailgating brofest.

Yes, Carman apparently represents typical collegeness, or at least the sort of collegeness appropriate for a video about an unemployed, unwashed, drunkenly bromantic bro. Carman also seems to be the only recognizable bit of Columbia in the video. Perhaps as you reminisce about your youthful days stumbling through those hallowed and low-ceilinged halls, you�ll understand why Carman, and no other building, could receive this brotastic cameo.

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  1. Anonymous

    LOL We'z on da tv! XD XD XD

  2. that

    is the most brotastic of photos.

  3. drock  

    The video is in artistic black and white, so how can you tell that it's a red building?

  4. Carman  

    where he-bros are born.

  5. Not the first time  

    The Columbia chapter of AEPi was also used for another College Humor video, Brohemian Rhapsody.


  6. that  

    was actually pretty good

  7. I've got

    My BBD all ready. Who's bringing the gamecube?

  8. please  

    please take my picture down. i find the context offensive, as well as the use of the pejorative "bro" to describe a fraternity brother such as myself.

  9. i like

    the star tats on his shoulders. I wonder if bros know that those stars are often used to designated Russian mafia "generals," i.e. people who would, upon meeting such bros, slice their necks from the front all the way to the spinal column, in one smooth and uninterrupted motion. Gosh, just the thought of it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy.

  10. Fraternity  

    As a Columbia student who is in a fraternity, I can assure you that 99% of us (at least in my fraternity) are not like this.

  11. Carman  

    was epically bro-tastic back in my day. Hope it still it...seems so.

    The only dorm I've been a part of that got near-weekly RA notices about hallway destruction, including a drunk girl destroying an exit sign because someone told her the sign had insulted her. True story.

  12. john jay 7 05-06

    was hands down the most bro-tastic floor ever. with all the smoking, buddha bar, all that shit...good times for everyone.

    i remember that gay kid joseph lived there, that hipster kid, some hot chicks, so did that skinny actor dude and also those two indian kids and some other foreign chick who dint drink before college but i think they are alcoholics/huge potheads now because of john jay fucking 7.

  13. the only recognizable  

    bit of columbia besides the entire aepi house?

    a bit late bwog, this was filmed like a week ago

  14. maybe

    Carmen represents a college close enough to the MTV offices (44th and Broadway) to film for this video.

  15. Two Things  

    1. CollegeHumor's production values have gone way up. It's frightening how much better the content is on the site now that it's mainstream. Then again, I haven't really enjoyed it since it stopped being about soft porn hotlinks.

    2. The bro in that picture is in unrealistically good shape. Seriously, you can't maintain a body like that from drinking. This is setting unrealistic expectations for bros everywhere.

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