EyePoke: Hot Air Edition

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The Eye website is still under construction, but you can access a pdf of this week’s issue to find out about hot air powering everything from balloons to cartoon boys.

Columbia Grad students are charting the universe…with hot air balloons? (Pg. 4)

The Columbia boys are powered by hot air, at least in this cartoon. According to the drawing, Columbia boys also apparently descend from the Coneheads. (Pg. 5)

Our parents are full of it (I mean hot air, of course). Also worth reading for the reference to Will Smith as an “august bard.” (Pg. 7)

Hot, sweaty air pervades Cuban cinema. (Pg. 11)



  1. Reader  

    Maybe we should retitle that lead article: "'The Eye' Discovers Its Thesaurus."

  2. yea  

    that article had lots of verbosity

  3. well  

    i really liked the article (the layout-not so much).

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