Those Bags Outside M. Dubs? Dinner.

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applesWhile tripping on home tonight, Bwog noticed a curious sight: a small woman in a puffy coat unloading a plastic bag full of apples onto the bales of recycling outside Morton Williams. What’s more, she was being filmed, by people with professional-looking cameras and everything. Her name is Janet Kalish, and she’s a freegan, and the crew was there to make her famous. 

Well, at least to watchers of WeTV, where she’s being featured on the show “Secret Lives of Women.” Kalish says she gets as much of her food from what grocery stores throw away as possible; tonight, her trash tour will also include Absolute Bagels and Garden of Eden. The apples she had piled up looked positively edible–if slightly bruised–and Bwog took a bag full.

“”The reason they’re not selling is that we’ve become a society that wants perfection,” Kalish said. The grocery stores, she explained, were guilty of over-ordering. “We’re used to this abundance, and it’s a myth.”

Want to learn more? There’s a tour on Monday, beginning at 9:30 p.m. at Bel Canto Public Space, 1991 Broadway between 67th and 68th.


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  1. Funny

    If she is ascribing guilt to the grocery stores and society, then would she really be happy if they stopped over-ordering? She wouldn't have free meals and neither would the homeless.

  2. LOL  

    these poors crack me up

  3. woo!

    freganism! Bring your green hat!

  4. ---

    i was told @ a freegan on campus, and it made me laugh 'cos, apparently, a jet setter w/ a credit card, $100+ jeans, $100+ phone, & every other latest gadget known to humans eats from the trash, every once in a while. you know, in the interest of being economical and eco-friendly. and in the face of consumerism. an eye-roll will suffice here 'cos i'd rather save my bile for unpleasant right-wing extremists than quibble w/ immature & socially crass anomalies of the left, whose heart may be in the right place, in the sense that they mean well (not to be confused w/ having good intentions).

    recycle away. no objections there. and if freeganism is @ self-preservation or parsimony, i'm ok w/ that as well. i'll also grant that conservationists have to start somewhere, & maybe putting on a production is part of the freegan "plan". but spare me the piety - "way way down in this subbacultcha", going through other people's trash is the latest fashion.

    bwog, i hope you scrubbed your yucky apples. i'm totally telling your mamas @ your dumpster hopping. joking. geez, i don't even know your mothers, or you for that matter. but before you get converted, you know what they say, one rotten apple sitting next to the rat poison and botulism, &...

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