Today is (Also) Baby Starfish Day

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It was three years ago today (and a short time after Bwog’s birth) that an intrepid photographer captured the mythical Snow Baby Starfish on film for the first (and, tragically, only) time while the creature posed on College Walk in the newly fallen snow.  We’d like to take this opportunity to share the pink-cheeked love with a whole new crop of readers.  Enjoy!

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  1. Whoa  

    All those comments in the linked article were posted on December 31, 1969.

  2. Anonymous  

    bwog, bring back the picture of that cute little asian baby. no offesne to the starfish girl but asian baby>starfish

  3. that baby

    is probably like four now and can talk.

  4. bwog!  

    the article id doesn't work for me! Can you repost the link!?

  5. how do you

    make a dead baby float?
    - Take your foot off its head.
    - 2 parts soda, 1 part dead baby.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. oi vey  

    you must be in the band...

    Also, seriously, that baby has crazy long limbs. Or a very oversized snow-suit

  7. kjlkj  

    Bwog, what are all the people running around campus in street clothes doing?

  8. Anna C  

    The original baby starfish post is the best post bwog ever did. I miss you, ol' bwog.

  9. that baby

    is totally frozen by now

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